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Timing Chip Return

If you forgot to return you Race Result timing chip from a race here are the details.  If you are a regular “chip forgetter” Please buy your own chip and never take it off your bike so you don’t have to ever rent again.  BUY YOUR OWN NEW CHIP HERE…

Mail your timing chip back IN A PADDED ENVELOPE or box to:
1475 Bob Patton Rd.
Clarkesville, GA 30523

When you attempt to return a chip in a standard business envelope with paper wrapped around it won’t work. The post office runs those as “flat” and then the chip gets pushed out the end and we receive an empty envelope.   An empty envelope is a lost chip and you will be charged $100 for us to replace the chip with Race Result.


1. The onsite rental fee is a charge not a deposit. This is why and how we encourage riders to own their own chips.
2. Topview Sports does not own the rental fleet of chips, we lease those from Race Result.
3. No, you can’t keep the rental chip you forgot to return and just pay the difference. See number 2. Plus, they are rentals that have been used a bunch and have less battery than a nice new one would.
4.  We will scan the chips on the day after each event to determine the non-returned chips.  Once we identify the names of the riders who used those chips they will be notified via email, phone, text, FB Message, smoke signals etc.  Upon contact the rider will have 7 days to return the chip to Topview Sports offices.
5. If the chip does not arrive in 7 days from contact then the riders Credit Card that was left on file as collateral for the rental will be charged $200.  This usually gets your attention.
6. If you lost the chip and it can’t be returned you will be refunded $100.
7.  When the timing chip is finally returned the riders card will be refunded for $175. Yes a $25 charge for the hassle,costs and time of numbers 1-5.
8.  Can you “bring it to the next race”?  No! We need them back in office before the next race so please be proactive and mail them back as instructed above.

Bottom Line: We’d rather not rent chips and have to deal with all of this extra work and wish that every rider had thier own chip but we know thats tough too so please just help us help you and remember to return the timing chips before you leave the race.

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