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State of Gravel

Union Hill, GA

Apr 16, 2022

Clayton Gravel Grinding

Clayton, GA

Jun 18, 2022

Maysville Gravel Mayhem

Maysville, GA

May 7, 2022

Georgia Gravel Grinduro

Helen, GA

Oct 29, 2022


This is the Holiday Gravel Series: We respect your family time so we have carefully selected four Saturdays that all fall the day before a holiday, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and well even the Grinduro is a couple of days before Halloween. We hope this still allows you to exercise your passion for the bikes and still spend time with family on these important days. 

TopView Sports is proud to add a 4th venue in Clayton to our Gravel Series. We take course selection very seriously and so our venues are selected carefully to make sure that we can provide riders with the absolute best courses in the region. Our events will always have a mix of surfaces and terrain. Some courses will be hilly and others with less climbing. Come and enjoy all that Northeast Georgia has to offer for gravel riding.  Clayton Course maps will be coming soon. 
All of our events will have Aid Stations with food along the way, and food and drinks after you finish. We also are proud to offer the best Timing & Scoring systems in the business and usually time segments of the events in addition to just the overall time. KOM and QOM are often recognized.  

Register for all 4 events at once and receive a better price than the early bird for each event. 
Pricing Structure:

Short Distance:        $50 early bird, $60 within last 60 days, $70 onsite

Middle Distance      $60 early bird, $70 within last 60 days, $80 onsite

Long Distance:         $70 early bird, $80 within last 60 days, $90 onsite

Register for all 4 events at once: Short; $45 each ($135) State of Gravel doesn't have the short option

                                                        Middle; $55 each ($220)
                                                        Long; $65 each ($260)