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Services & Specialties

TopView Sports loves Grass Roots Bicycle racing and other Active sports.

We think that producingevents & bike races for the amateur athletes and weekend warriors is just as important as the production of an National Championship event. We know what the athletes pay to play the sport they love and want them to have the best experience possible for that investment.

What makes us different

At Topview Sports, we believe that every racers counts and that is why we have stressed the use of chip timing when others refuse to use the chips due to the higher cost. We have been willing to make the investments needed to make this technology available at all of our events. With the idea that every rider counts since every rider pays the same entry, we implement this plan and score and post 100% of the results for every registered rider.

Technology is at the forefront of our race production

We specialize in Chip Timing results and have made custom software for registration, timing and scoring of simple bike events to the more complex timed stage racing. This is not your dad’s excel sheet, this is well designed software that has been fine tuned to address all the specifics required by cycling rules.

Our staff knows the sport so well..

Many of our staff are bike racers themselves so they know the ins and outs of this complex sport. It gives us an appreciation for the hard work and dedication that our athletes put into it and gives us the understanding to give the riders just what they need in terms of courses and race day amenities.

Services list

  • Race|Results  Pro Chip Timing
  • Barricade Rental- 1000 feet in stock at all times with more available
  • Online Registration
  • Onsite Registration
  • Timing and Scoring
  • Race Logistics
  • City & USACycling Permitting
  • Race Day Management
  • Results Reporting
  • Email Marketing

Service specifics;
   Barricade Rentals for all types of special events: Email us to get a quote for barricade rental in the Atlanta, GA area. Our barricades have flat feet and are 10 feet long. 



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