Swamp Classic ’20- FL

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Swamp Time Trial Map

Time Trial events will use the Merckx Advantage for scoring and placings. This exciting Topview Exclusive way of scoring time trials has been used with great success in other states and has created renewed excitement for this segment of our sport.  The Merckx Advantage will use the following criteria: As a general rule, riders electing “Merckx” will receive a 30 second time deduction from their actual race time. This “adjusted” time will be used for the weekend scoring and FloridaCycling Series only. When the results are submitted to USACycling the “actual” race times as they happended on the road will be used.
When beginning a TT you must declare yourself as “AERO” or “Merckx” to the Topview Staffer in the TT staging area.
In order to qualify as “Merckx” you may not use any of the following(even one of the below items will switch you to “Aero”):
Disc Wheel
Wheels deeper than 50MM (including braking surface) so from the most aero point to the tire will be measured.
Aero Helmets
Shoe Covers
Aero BarsAllowed items are: Aero Road Helmet(no teardrop shape)(Ears cannot be covered), Skinsuits