CASCS Series Format Details

Race #1 – Points Races

Race #2 – Points Races

Race #3 – Scratch Races & Match Sprints

Race #4 – Scratch Races & Match Sprints

Race #5 – Traditional Criterium

Points Race Format

The first rider across the line each lap will get one point, the rider with the most points at the end of the race wins. If a rider(s) laps the field, the race is over.

Races with combined categories – only the first rider across the line gets points, points will not be split up between 3/4 & 50+ when racing together etc.

Scratch Race Weeks

Each categories registrants will be randomly split into two groups which will each start by racing a 20 minute heat. The top 50% of each heat move onto a 15 minute winner’s bracket race, and bottom 50% move to a runner-up bracket race. The first and second place riders of the top and bottom brackets will each face off in a final 1v1 one lap Match Sprint worth maximum points. After races are over, if other racers would like to challenge each other to 1v1 Match Sprints, points will be available to those who volunteer for the extra race. We will do a 4 man team sprint race if people want to sign up. People dont have to be on the same ‘team’ to create a 4 man team for this.

Points N Stuff

As mentioned above, racers can get points in many ways besides just winning or placing in the final results. Points will be kept for each race and posted on following each race in the series. Final awards will be distrubuted at the last race based on the final rankings for each individual race group (Men’s 4/5, Masters 40+ etc) as well as an award to the team with the most cumulative points between all their racers. Extra Credit points will also be given to people that participate in the Crit College Sessions