Alex Test


To use the results pages, perform the following steps:

  1. Share the sheet with MASTER-SS and the timing worksheets with
    as a Viewer. This will allow the results pages API to securely access the spreadsheet without sharing it publicly.
  2. Create a page in WordPress and add a link using the <a> tag. The link should follow the format{SPREADSHEET_ID}/{TIMING_RANGE}.

    • SPREADSHEET_ID should be replaced with the id of the spreadsheet in google docs. This can be found after the /spreadsheets/d/ portion of the URL.
    • TIMING_RANGE should be replaced with the range containing timing info. This uses A1 notation to select the correct worksheet and range
    • Your timing sheet needs to at least have the same columns as in the examples, otherwise the page will not load properly.


Steele 2021 Results

Crockett 2020 Results