Tour Latino  Feb 19, 2017

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Tour Latino™ is the only Latin-themed cycling fundraising event in Central Florida. The annual fundraising event benefits Prospera (formerly HBIF).   

Help Prospera develop small businesses in Florida and create jobs by supporting and riding in the 2017 Tour Latino!

 Prospera (formerly HBIF) is a nonprofit, economic development organization specialized since 1991 in providing bilingual business consulting, seminars in Spanish, grants, and access to capital to Hispanic entrepreneurs trying to establish or expand their businesses.

 Prospera’s mission is to strengthen the economy through quality, free bilingual business development and training to Hispanic entrepreneurs. Since its inception, Prospera has helped create more than 15,000 jobs across the state. In the past year alone, Prospera clients created or retained over 3,100 jobs. 

 Listen to client success stories and testimonials here.

 Help Prospera develop small businesses and create jobs by supporting the 2017 Tour Latino.


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