Alabama Road Series Rules & Stuff

Thomas Waters State Farm has stepped up to provide a $1000 Cash Prize to the team with the most points at the end of race #5. 

Top individuals for each category will receive a trophy, maybe a jersey if our sponsors like us, and of course a high five. 

Increasing prize list – For every person that does an insurance quote OR refers someone to Thomas Waters State Farm we will increase the team payout by $50

Categories for races in the series are: 

Elite – Category 1/2/3

Intermediate – Category 3/4

Novice – Category 4/5

Women’s Elite – Category 1/2/3

Women’s Novice – Category 4/5

Junior U18 – All Categories

Masters 45+ A – Category 1/2/3/4

Masters 45+ B – Category 4/5

Team Competition Rules:

  • All teams must register their team name and team roster to be eligible
  • Racers must complete at least 2 of the 5 races for their points to count towards their team total
  • Racers can only earn points in one race per race day. Points from doing a second race will not add to the total


  • Dont be a sandbagger
  • Dont complain about stuff

Points are given for finishing position, but all riders will earn at least 1 point for starting the race (regardless if they finish). The points are weighted and distributed based on how many riders are in the field. 

For example – 20 starters

1st – 20 points

2nd 19 points

3rd 18 points….etc

Bonus Points:

Bonus points will be given at the race director’s discretion and racers will be notified prior to the start of each race.